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The perform management coaching programme produces measurable results through a process of rigorous follow up and follow through as well as one-on-one coaching that compliments highly interactive group sessions. It is the flagship programme from Floodtide Investments.

The Floodtide Investments (Private) Limited team building programme is designed to help organisations in build high performance and cohesive teams through the introduction and development of required attributes in team members whilst focusing on supporting and monitoring execution. The team building program tackles practical issues that affect the day to day operations of the team in a participatory manner that fully engages all participants and leads to concrete action commitments which are then followed up.

Our leadership programme aims at developing practical leadership proficiencies for sustainable positive results. It focuses on enabling participants to think and act differently through engaging and building on what is working in their organizations and communities. By focusing on what is working, leaders are enabled to address what is not working. The programme challenges participants to disrupt their thinking and even question the assumptions they hold about leadership. Participants are prompted to take action and work towards the change they desire.

Designed by our director, Mr. Jonah Mungoshi, who was the best speaker in Zimbabwe and in Africa in 2002 and 2003, and the best speaker in the world in 2002 according to Toastmasters, this programme provides unique practical skills for enabling participants to achieve presentation skills excellence.

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Measurable results through coaching

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